Never ask me, Jeff Abbott
The work Never ask me, Jeff Abbott represents a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in Newbury Town Library.

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  • Never ask me, Jeff Abbott
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  • Never ask me
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  • Jeff Abbott
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  • "One seemingly perfect American family finds themselves targeted for destruction after the shocking murder of a family friend in the park behind their backyard. Early one morning, Danielle Roberts, who lives next door to the Pollitts and has for a decade been like family to them, is found dead just beyond their property line, throwing the exclusive Winding Creek neighborhood of a wealthy Austin suburb into chaos. The Pollitt family--dad Kyle, mom Iris, daughter Julia, and son Grant--are caught in a maelstrom of suspicion and intrigue. Ask your parents why they killed her, an anonymous email charges the son, Grant. No one can learn the truth now, thinks the father, Kyle. Never ask me what I'd do to protect my family, resolves the wife, Iris. I'll do whatever it takes to protect him, vows Julia of her best friend, Danielle's grieving teenage son, Ned, a boy in the midst of his own dangerous crisis, which may or may not have brought on his mother's murder"--, Provided by publisher
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  • fiction
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